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To use PayPal payment buttons on your website, you’ll need to access your website’s HTML and paste in a few lines of code. If you’d like to use PayPal Checkout, you can integrate it with your website or use an eCommerce partner like UEESHOP, Magento or Shopify. It’s very easy to turn on.

PayPal payment buttons.

  • Start taking payments quickly
  • Enjoy simple integration with little technical knowledge needed
  • Choose from a range of buttons – Add to Cart, Buy Now, and Subscribe
  • Optimized for mobile

Easy to set up, our payment buttons are ideal for small or start-up businesses. You can set up your button in about 15 minutes. It involves just a little more than copying and pasting a few lines of html code onto your site.

PayPal payment button examples

PayPal Checkout.

  • A faster, more sophisticated checkout for your customers
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Available in many popular eCommerce shop solutions

PayPal Checkout offers a quicker, easier payment experience that customers love. With PayPal Checkout, we pass your customer’s shipping address to you so there’s no need for them to enter it on your website. Instead, they can check out in as little as 3 clicks, helping to improve user experience and reduce cart abandonment.

PayPal checkout example

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Choose a shopping cart partner

The easiest way to use PayPal Checkout is with an eCommerce partner like UEESHOP, Magento or Shopify. PayPal Checkout is already integrated with the shop templates, so all you need to do is enter your PayPal API credentials and grant permissions in your cart’s settings.

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Custom integrations

If you have technical expertise in API programming, or have a developer who does, you can integrate PayPal Checkout yourself. Our Developer Center provides integration guides, information about our APIs and instructions for completing test transactions.

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Why Antelife partners with PayPal: a success story.

Co-founder of Antelife Sky Du shares how they successfully sell locally produced smart phones and peripherals online to markets around the world. Sky Du highlights how their partnership with PayPal has helped them to safely do business overseas and also confirm their own growth plans into emerging markets.

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Choose a payment solution to suit your business.

Your PayPal account lets you accept multiple forms of payment. Whether you have a website or not, PayPal makes accepting payments easier for your business.

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Save your site from cart abandonment.

Avoid high cart abandonment by implementing settings from our cart optimizer on your website. This will help increase the number of customers who complete their purchases. See instructions for Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify, zencart and much more.

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