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A cross-border seller that sells 3C and photography products has always run the cross-border business on marketplace. To further expand the business, the seller started operating the self-built website in April 2019. It took only half a year for the self-built website to catch the business speed equal to eBay. However, due to lack of knowledge about PayPal account management, the seller had difficulties for the financial management. Meanwhile, compliant happened a lot in terms of logistic and delivery issue.

PayPal team quickly learned about this and provided professional help. Thanks for PayPal risk control management, the seller's account became stabilized, not only gaining customer trust, but also a significant increase in TPV. Also, PayPal's Add Tracking API and other tools have also made shipping and logistics information clearer. It both reduce customer complaints and risk of fraud. Within a year, the seller's sales of self-built website increased by 150%, and the proportion exceeded the marketplace, becoming the main source of revenue for the company.

Cross-border E-commerce White paper helps you overcome various difficulties.

Independent website is the main strategy for the transformation from e-commerce. Having an independent website means that you have your own user group, which is helpful to re-marketing and user analysis. In the long term, you can also build your own brand and enhance product value.


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PayPal provides solutions for transforming SMB into successful cross-border e-tailers

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Leading anti-fraud technology and seller protection services provide risk protection when receiving overseas payments

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PayPal webinar provides various live streaming courses to let you learn more about the information frontier of foreign trade and obtain PayPal's exclusive foreign trade instruction.