Give customers a faster way to checkout.

PayPal Checkout works with your Business account to help convert shoppers earlier in their shopping journey by letting them check out directly from the product page or shopping bag. This reduces cart abandonment and increases conversion opportunities.

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Why you should use PayPal Checkout.

Reduce cart abandonment

By enabling customers to complete their purchase directly from the product page or shopping bag, PayPal Checkout helps reduce cart drop-offs.

Easy integration

Integrating PayPal Checkout is fast, easy, and comes at no extra cost to you.

No setup or monthly fees.

4.4% + $0.30 USD per transaction
You only pay when you get paid. The funds show up in your PayPal Business account, usually within minutes.

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A single integration that's future-proof

Once you add PayPal Checkout to your site, we keep it up to date so there's nothing else you need to do.

Work with a developer

Integrating PayPal Checkout requires development skills. If you have a developer, you can share our documentation with them.

Add it to your existing platform

PayPal Checkout is built into many major eCommerce platforms and can be integrated with most shopping carts.

Helpful information about PayPal Checkout.

Is PayPal Checkout available for Personal accounts?

To integrate PayPal Checkout, you will need a Business account. If you have a business registered in Mainland China, you can upgrade your Personal account to a Business account.

Add PayPal Checkout to your website.

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