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It’s free to use PayPal to pay online, and your eligible purchases are covered by Buyer Protection and Refunded Returns.

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Whether you use your credit card, debit card or PayPal balance, you don’t need to pay a transaction fee when you shop with PayPal. The seller covers that. If it’s a different currency, a small conversion fee applies.

Link your credit and debit cards to shop with PayPal.


Enter your credit or debit card information.


An authorization fee of $1 will be placed on your card and refunded upon verification.


Now, you are ready to shop.

PayPal is convenient, rewarding and safer for you.

Shop without worrying about your PayPal balance.

Once you link your cards, you no longer need to top up your PayPal account each time you shop.

Earn card rewards when you shop.

Pay with your preferred cards using PayPal and continue earning card rewards for shopping.

We’ll keep all your details secure, 24/7.

Your financial details always stay safe through our world class security and encryption. We monitor every transaction to prevent fraud so you can shop with confidence. You’ll also enjoy PayPal benefits like Buyer Protection, Refunded Returns and 24/7 security.

Using PayPal to get paid?

If you collect payments regularly, use a PayPal business account to customize payment solutions and get paid quickly.

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