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Discover general and industry-specific fraud prevention tips and understand how you can help deter fraud.

General tips


  • Delay shipping for international, expensive and/or large orders
  • Use your own shipping service or suspend the delivery
  • Track and verify the shipping address with the IP geo-location service from search engines


  • Keep records of names, email addresses, IP addresses and shipping addresses of customers. Match any suspicious activity against your blacklist to decline or flag blacklisted transactions.
  • Set limits for the number of purchases and total amount you’ll accept from one account per day, week, or month. You can also limit the sending country to expected and low-risk countries.
  • Contact the customer by phone or email to verify information if an order appears suspicious.

Our security advantages.

  • Detecting fraudulent transactions instantly, in real-time
  • Progressive system upgrades that keep us ahead of fraudsters
  • Extensive data encryption for strict confidentiality and security
  • Monitoring of transactions 24/7
  • Dedicated 2000-strong anti-fraud team of specialists globally

Essentials of fraud-prevention.

Eliminate the risks and costs of fraudulent transactions with this comprehensive checklist

Does the shipping address seem suspicious?

  • It is a high-risk location (vacant property, hotel, country, or location highly known for fraud.)
  • Multiple orders are being shipped to the same address within a short period of time
  • A customer is requesting overnight shipping for an expensive order (i.e. electronics)
  • A customer asks you to change the shipping address after the order has been paid for

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