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Get 50% cashback voucher up to ₹200* when you make your first payment using PayPal. Safe Hai.

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    How to avail and use the cashback voucher.


    Sign up for a PayPal account and pay at any Indian merchant accepting PayPal to get the cashback voucher.


    Log in to your account, go to Payment Methods and find your voucher under Saved Rewards.


    You can use this cashback voucher as a discount the next time you pay at Indian merchants accepting PayPal.


    1. On the web, Login to your PayPal account and select the ‘Payment Methods’ tab. Your PayPal cashback voucher will appear under 'Saved Rewards'.
    2. On the app, your PayPal voucher will appear under Rewards section after you login.
    3. In case you have a business account with us, you may not see the voucher here. You'll need to download the PayPal app, login and check 'Rewards' section in the bottom part of the app homepage to find your cashback voucher.

    Pay with PayPal. Safe Hai.

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