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1 Source: IPSOS. 2018 Online Payment Experiences Study. The IPSOS study was commissioned by PayPal and conducted in July 2018. Study of 10,500 people, including 6,930 PayPal users, across the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Italy, Spain and Brazil (1,500 people per market).

Your customers can pay how they want

And you can accept additional payment types including iDeal in Europe and Mercado Pago in Latin America.

Get paid online

Give customers a fast checkout experience that lets them pay the way they want, without leaving your website.

Accept payments

Make it easy for customers to pay almost any way and anywhere


A single solution lets customers use a variety of payment methods on your site, on mobile, or in your app.

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Buy now, pay later options

Pay Later, our interest-free installment solutions and PayPal Credit will be available to eligible buyers from US, UK, France and other countries where this feature is available.

Recurring payments and subscriptions

Tap into new revenue and give repeat customers a way to skip the checkout by offering subscription or recurring payment options.

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Invoices and estimates

Get paid faster when you send free professional, customisable invoices that make it easy for customers to pay. Or create estimates to bid for a job.

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Request payments

Whether it’s for a job you did or an item you sold, with PayPal, all you need is your customer’s email address to send a payment request.


Create a personalised payment link and share it with your clients by text message, social networks or any other tool, and receive the payment instantly.

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Do business without boundaries

Accept payments from 200+ markets with a single account.

Flexibility customers demand

Let your customers pay the way they want, wherever they are, and offer subscriptions or other payment methods. Research has shown that consumers’ intent to purchase increases by 54% when PayPal is available as payment type1.

Connect with buyers globally

You can do business in over 100 currencies and even offer local payment options for many regions.

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Manage uncertainty, mitigate risk with a cross-border strategy

Discover international opportunities in 12 key markets around the globe and understand the cultural and seasonal nuances that will help you connect with buyers in these markets effectively.

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Case Study: Increasing international reach for Sky Goodies

With a new business, you want to make it easy for customers to pay, whatever the market, wherever they are. Sky Goodies chose PayPal and now sells to customers across 88 countries.

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