Helping entrepreneurs succeed

Feb 8, 2017Helping entrepreneurs succeed

BestSelf Co., a Kickstarter funded startup, turns productivity journal into international business by partnering with PayPal and Shopify

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eCommerce excellence

Feb 8, 2017eCommerce excellence with developers

Coolblueweb, a gold level WooCommerce partner, specializes in custom, high-performing ecommerce checkout solutions

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Feb 8, 2017Shopify’s Build a Business Winner

PayPal and Shopify help boutique ring maker build a scalable, easy to use payment option that also helped them expand into global markets

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Payments and accounting in the cloud

Feb 8, 2017Payments and accounting in the cloud

PayPal, Xero and HPC help small businesses turn invoicing, accounting and taxes into a strategic driver of growth

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Building a global shoe business

Feb 8, 2017Building a global shoe business

Xero Shoes, a Shark Tank alum, teams with PayPal and Woo Commerce to create an all-in-one payment solution to scale their business internationally

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Express Checkout Partner

July 15, 2016Express Checkout for Partners Sell Sheet

Express Checkout can help improve online stores’ effectiveness while giving you a leg up on your competitors.

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Woo Commerce

June 3, 2016WooCommerce and PayPal Integration Helps Merchants Grow Mobile Sales

Magnus Jepson, co-founder of WooCommerce, and Juan Benitez, general manager of the Braintree Services - a PayPal product, explain the benefits of developers working on WooCommerce.

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Payment Technology Customers

May 20, 2016Payment Technology & Your Customers

New consumer behavior is prompting merchants to look for integrated payment technologies that create optimized checkout experiences and provide additional opportunities for platform providers.

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Payment Technology

May 18, 2016Payment Technology: The Difference in Today's Ecommerce

Platform providers can capitalize on merchant needs to gain an edge over their competitors via payment technology and innovation, payment security, and payment scalability.

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Online Payments Future Proof

May 17, 20165 Ways Online Payments Future-Proof Your Company

The benefits of merchants accepting online payments are many, including increasing their customer base, getting paid faster, boosting mobile friendliness, streamlining business operations and improving payment security.

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Convenient Way to Pay

May 16, 2016Bringing frictionless payments to local government

Sturgis Government Solutions uses PayPal in an innovative way to help local governments collect constituent payments.

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Big Commerce

May 16, 2016BigCommerce: Partnering with PayPal to provide ecommerce innovation

Through a partnership with PayPal, BigCommerce offers customers the simple, easy, and secure checkout PayPal is known for.

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Bigcommerce leverages PayPal

April 6, 2016BigCommerce leverages PayPal to help merchants succeed

BigCommerce CEO Brent Bellm, along with Redshift Sports, speaks to how PayPal’s advanced gateway helps merchants sell effectively and gain competitive advantage.

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One Touch

April 5, 2016With One TouchTM, PayPal is faster then ever

Give your merchants our fastest checkout ever so they can provide the best checkout experience to their shoppers.

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Shop securely with OneTouch

February 5, 2016Shop securely, no password required

With One Touch™, we seek to connect consumers and merchants around the world in the most seamless and secure way.

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PayPal sponsors the Build a Business Competition

January 20, 2016The 2016 Build a Business Competition

PayPal is a repeat sponsor of the Build a Business Competition that encourages turning hobbies into real businesses and realizing success.


Steve Fusco, VP North America Distribution, discusses partnering with PayPal

January 14, 2016The Power of PayPal Partnerships

Steve Fusco, VP North America Distribution, discusses how PayPal works with Partners to provide the latest in payment technology and help grow their business.

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Harley Finkelstein, CPO of Shopify talks about their successful Build a Business Competition

January 14, 2016Shopify and PayPal combine forces for good

Harley Finkelstein, CPO of Shopify, talks about their successful Build a Business Competition and the value of working with PayPal.

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Build a Business winners discusses how PayPal helped them achieve their goals

January 14, 2016With PayPal, this business sleeps well at night

Lessa Mattresses, one of the 2015 Build a Business winners, discusses their success and how PayPal helped them achieve their goals.

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PayPal – Doing big things with big data

January 5, 2016Doing big things with big data

Explore how PayPal uses its extensive data infrastructure, advanced analytics and team of data scientists to improve customer experiences.


Guidelines for all suppliers, vendors and partners

2015Supplier Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Outlines the guidelines for all suppliers, vendors and partners to ensure they reflect the PayPal values and operate ethically.

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10 million people embrace PayPal One Touch™

December 21, 201510 million people embrace one cool way to shop

PayPal’s One Touch™ lets you make purchases without typing in payment info, usernames or passwords. How's that for innovation?


Miva embraces PayPal’s innovative solutions.

December 14, 2015Miva and PayPal: e‑commerce meets innovation

An e-commerce platform focused on entrepreneurs, see how Miva embraces PayPal's innovative solutions, like One Touch™.

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E-commerce made easy with Paypal and ecwid

April 1, 2015E-commerce made easy with PayPal and Ecwid

Ecwid's easy-to-use e-commerce platform combines with PayPal to help small and medium-sized businesses sell online quickly and securely.

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