Fraud Protection Advanced

Let our integrated, adaptive machine-learning solution help protect against evolving fraud threats.

Get armed with fraud protection capabilities

Fraud Protection Advanced can be customized according to your own unique tolerance for risk and easily refined as your business needs change.

Implement custom rule strategies

Use over 200 pre-calculated features in custom rule sets or create your own custom fields to write strategies suited for your business.

Simplify your fraud analysis

Our user interface makes managing fraud easy. Use simple yet powerful tools to create custom filters, maintain block and allow lists, and investigate transactions.

Improve fraud decisioning with better data

Get insights gleaned from our 2-sided network fueled by 15+ billion annual transactions.

Get started immediately

No new integration required. Get a comprehensive fraud solution without waiting weeks or months for installation.

Fraud protection that fits your unique needs

Choose Fraud Protection Advanced when you need a highly customizable solution to handle complex fraud needs.

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Fraud ProtectionFraud Protection Advanced
No new integrationCheckedChecked
Machine learning based scoreCheckedChecked
Extensive PayPal intelligenceCheckedChecked
Device fingerprintingCheckedChecked
Auto decisioningCheckedChecked
Out-of-the-box, custom filtersCheckedChecked
Filter testingCheckedChecked
Actionable filter recommendationsCheckedChecked
Block listCheckedChecked
Allow listChecked
Create new filtersChecked
Custom fieldsChecked
Case managementChecked
Review transactionsChecked
Graph viewChecked

Fraud Protection Advanced is an enterprise-grade risk management solution that helps your team conduct in-depth risk analysis and investigations to fight payment fraud.

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