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Every business needs a reliable partner. From secure payment processing to helpful business insights, we’re here for you.

Explore risk management tools. Track sales performance with ease. Save time and money on order fulfillment. Keep customers happy. Don’t just run your business—help it thrive.

Manage risk with peace of mind

Our machine learning technology helps you protect your business, saving you both time and stress.

Built-in security for sellers

Seller Protection helps your business avoid chargebacks, reversals, and fees on eligible sales—even when you're facing a customer dispute. Limits apply.

Don’t worry about chargebacks

Add Chargeback Protection and you won’t have to pay chargeback fees on eligible card transactions that turn out to be unauthorized or result in an item not received claim.1

Manage your fraud prevention strategy

Fraud Protection gives you the insight and control you need to balance authorizations and declines on eligible transactions.

Resolve customer issues

Our Resolution Center makes it easy for you to work things out with customers right from your PayPal dashboard or website.

Keep your business running smoothly

Your daily to-do list just got simpler. Check out solutions designed to help you stay organized and save money.

Get useful business data and insights

Track sales and customer activity with detailed, customizable reports designed to help you make informed decisions.

Simplify shipping at a discount

Our Shipping Center lets you purchase discounted labels, send customer notifications, track packages, and more.

Send multiple payments at once

Paying in bulk? Not a problem. Send and manage payouts in multiple currencies without breaking a sweat.

Business operations

Efficient ways to tackle your day to day.

From managing risk and tracking sales to simplifying shipping, our solutions help you streamline everyday operations—so you can focus on your business.