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PayPal has everything you need to accept all kinds of payments online, across devices, around the world.

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Whether you accept payments already or not, add our checkout button to your website to give your customers a faster online checkout experience.

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Take more payments

Accept credit cards whether you accept PayPal or not. We act as the gateway to help get you paid. It's fully customizable to give you a professional, integrated solution.

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Accept donations

Add our donate button to your website and accept cards and PayPal, just like our checkout button.

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Start taking cards and PayPal on your mobile device with our mobile app and optional card reader.

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Money in the bank.

After you sell something, your money usually hits your PayPal account within minutes. Then you can take it anywhere PayPal or MasterCard is accepted. When you spend your balance using our PayPal Business Debit MasterCard®, you get 1% cash back on eligible purchases* that goes back into your account.

Make money all kinds of ways.

Your customers can pay by card, bank account, or their PayPal balance.

“Processing our payments with PayPal has simplified our accounting and saved us hundreds on fees.”*

Jeff S, Founder,

Click with your customers.

Time is money, that's why + million shoppers check out with PayPal. It's as fast as a few simple clicks. No wrangling addresses or numbers or expirations or secret codes. Just log in if you have an account or pay with your card if you don't.

We’ve got your back.

Fraud protection is important to us, and with advanced encryption & 24-hour monitoring, protecting your business is serious business to us. Our Seller Protection policy helps protect you every step of the payment process, on eligible transactions.

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PayPal Credit can help lift sales and order sizes.

PayPal Credit* gives customers the flexibility to pay for purchases over time, while you get paid in full, up front. Shoppers are more likely to spend more when they can pay over time. In fact, some small- and medium-sized businesses saw up to 68% larger transaction sizes for customers using PayPal Credit compared to credit and debit card transactions.**

Low, flat-rate pricing with no hidden costs.

Keep more of your money with our base rate of 2.9% + $0.30 per sale. No hidden fees.

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