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Here's the ever-growing list of partners
who make shopping more rewarding.

Membership Rewards®

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Capital One

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Ultimate Rewards®

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ThankYou® Rewards

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Cashback Bonus®

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ELAN Financial

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US Bank

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Go Far® Rewards

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Why you should do rewards your way

You can add an eligible card in a few simple steps.

Your credit card rewards can be redeemed at millions of online stores.

It’s fast and easy to Pay with Rewards whenever you check out.

You can get your PayPal benefits, like Purchase Protection* on eligible purchases.

There's no minimum spend when you Pay with Rewards and partial payment is cool.

Because it can be really fun to shop with your credit card rewards.

1Pay with Rewards will be available for eligible credit cards on eligible purchases or can be donated to support a charitable cause with PayPal Giving Fund. All reward redemptions are subject to your issuer’s reward program terms. To learn more about Pay with Rewards, see terms and conditions.

American Express Membership Rewards® terms
Citi ThankYou points® terms
Chase Ultimate Rewards® terms
Discover Cashback Bonus® terms

* Available on eligible purchase. Terms and limitations apply.
See terms at

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