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Tap into our mix of data, models, and tools to help prevent, manage, and respond to risk


Stay agile and ahead of trends with innovative payments technology that is modular, interoperable, and easy to integrate


Find new buyers, unlock channels, expand into new markets, and deliver an exceptional checkout experience on any device

PayPal Commerce Platform drives growth, efficiency, and security for enterprise businesses

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Help increase conversion rates and lifetime customer value

Adopt full-funnel conversion solutions and optimize checkout across channels.

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Gain access to new customers and markets

Reach new groups of active buyers who buy more and buy more often with PayPal.

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Adapt to changing market conditions

Keep pace with rapidly changing buying behaviors and complex regulatory environments.

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Improve operational efficiency

Build and maintain a modern payments infrastructure that meets your unique system requirements.

19% increase in unplanned purchases when PayPal is an option1
37% of consumers have a higher willingness to buy where PayPal is present1
59% of users have abandoned a transaction because PayPal wasn't there 1

Enterprise businesses need strategic partners that offer the right mix of expertise, technology, tools, and data to weather uncertainty and achieve their growth potential.


Securely disburse payments around the world. More about make payments



Mitigate existing and future security threats and maintain compliance. More about manage risk

Reach, incentivize, and retain your customers. More about accelerate growth



Build a payments system that helps to satisfy your unique requirements. More about streamline operations

We thought it would take a lot longer to get to current volumes, but PayPal now processes 8% of all ecommerce revenue for Crate and Barrel and CB2—effective almost from day 1. We're extremely happy with customer adoption. Penetration rates we did not expect until year 3 have already happened in year 1. PayPal exceeded all expectations.

Frank Bruno

Crate and Barrel

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1 Nielsen Study, Commissioned by PayPal, July 2020 to September 2020 of 15,144 US consumers to understand and measure the impact that PayPal has for US-based LE merchants across different verticals.

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