Card reader

Set up shop where your customers are.

Our mobile card reader works wherever you need to make a sale—on the go or at the counter. Pair with the point-of-sale app on a smartphone or tablet for all the features you need.

A card reader that speeds up checkout

Process payments in seconds

Setup is fast and checkout is efficient, so you can take payments quickly.

Quick-charging battery

The debit and credit card reader’s battery lasts up to 8 hours or 100 transactions.

Just $29 for your first card reader

That’s a one-time-only cost.1 Add additional card readers for $79.

A card reader that lets them pay their favorite way

Accept card and contactless payments easily, whether you’re selling from a food truck or your design studio.

Everything a card reader should be —and more

Lightning fast

Pricing with no surprises

Use your mobile card reader with no long-term commitment and no monthly fee. Get access to your money in minutes through your PayPal balance.² Fees are subject to change.

Transaction fee

2.29 %
+ $0.09 per transaction

Card reader

for your first card reader.¹
Additional card readers $79 each.

PayPal Zettle app

We just needed a point-of-sale system that was streamlined, fast, and easy for us to train someone within 10 minutes.

PayPal Zettle really provided that solution because it is so simple. I just put the card reader out in front of the customer and they get how it works.”

How to set up your card reader

Sign in or sign up

Create a Business account if you don’t have one already. It’s easy, fast, and free.


Get your PayPal Zettle card reader to start accepting in-person payments quickly.


Load the PayPal Zettle app onto your smartphone or tablet.


Pair your smartphone or tablet with your card reader via Bluetooth, and you’ve got the green light to begin selling.

The difference is in the details

Not sure if the card reader or the terminal is the best fit for your business? Compare the features below to make the right choice for you.

The difference is in the details
Dimensions 4.33" x 2.76" x 0.8" (11 x 7 x 2 cm) 5.43" x 3.0" x 0.6" (13.8 x 7.6 x 1.5 cm)
WiFi connectivity Compatible via Bluetooth connection to separate device
3G/4G connectivity Compatible via Bluetooth connection to separate device
Battery life 8 hours (100 transactions) 12 hours (4-6 hours with intensive use)
Typical time to process chip cards 10 seconds 10 seconds
Typical time to process contactless (NFC) cards 3 seconds 3 seconds
Screen dimensions 32 x 128 pixels 9" x 5" 1280 x 720 pixels
Colors Black, White Dark gray
Bluetooth range 16.4 feet (15 meters)
Accept chip and PIN cards
Accept contactless (NFC) cards
Accept Apple Pay, Google Pay,
 Samsung Pay
Accept QR Code Requires a smartphone or tablet
Scan barcodes Add-on barcode scanner Optional built-in barcode scanner
Optional accessories Charging dock, printer, tablet stand, and more Combined charging dock & printer
Time to power up 2 seconds Up to 90 seconds
Time to charge 1-2 hours 1.5 hours
Warranty 12 months 12 months

Customize your POS system

Once you have your card reader, make your POS system fit your business with accessories like receipt printers or barcode scanners. Or if you need a fuller setup for your storefront counter, check out our ready-made store kits.

Zettle Dock 2

Locks your card reader into place and charges in dock.


Zettle Stand 360

Props up and rotates your iPad to view from all angles.


Barcode Scanner

Reads labels with digital precision at lightning speed.


One app to do it all

PayPal Zettle helps you sell smarter and sell more. No matter which hardware device you choose, you get the app for free. Download it on your smartphone or tablet to use with our card reader or get it built in—no extra device needed—with our terminal.

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