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Send payments with our unrivaled global solution

We make sending rebates, issuing claims, disbursing commissions, and paying out royalties easy.

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Offer a diverse range of payout methods

Easily send payments to PayPal, Venmo, directly to a bank account, and more with our integrated payout method options.

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Securely send payments around the world

Enable full-value, multi-currency payments to recipients in 200+ countries with banked and unbanked network capabilities.

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Provide recipients with an intuitive payout experience

Embed your website or application with payout capabilities or get started quickly with a brandable web portal.

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Take control of your outbound payment workflow

Automate operational overhead and submit payment instructions via a secure batch transfer, web upload, or API.

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Ease administrative hassle and unnecessary costs with flexible funding

Reduce expensive currency flips and foreign exchange fees thanks to funding abilities in more than 28 currencies.

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Manage payment regulations across multiple markets and geographies

Tools like transaction monitoring, recipient verification, and compliance screening help manage payment and compliance regulations.

Lean on our full suite of enterprise-level payment tools to securely send payments nearly anywhere. We’ll work with you to ensure your payments arrive on time and are easy to access.

Hyperwallet [a PayPal service] was pivotal in allowing us to make prompt, contactless payments to the thousands of Americans who are currently enduring economic hardship.

Farheen Rizvi
Senior Manager, Humanitarian Services


A mother and her child, who are similar to the people that GiveDirectly aids, wear face masks due to the COVID-19 pandemic

A mother and her child, who are similar to the people that GiveDirectly aids, wear face masks due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Case study: Learn how fast payouts can save lives

GiveDirectly leverages PayPal’s global payout system to serve over 100,000 families in extreme poverty during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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