Turn your computer into a credit card terminal.

Process phone orders, fax orders, and mail orders from around the globe in an instant online with Virtual Terminal. It's an online version of a credit card swipe device you use anywhere you access the Internet.

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Accept credit cards virtually anywhere.

Use Virtual Terminal wherever you have Internet access – at home or at the office. To take a credit or Visa debit card order, simply log in to your PayPal account and enter the payment details into the secure Virtual Terminal order form. We'll process the payment and send you a confirmation.

Simple. No hidden costs.

$35.00/month + 3.1% plus $0.30/transaction. You pay a flat monthly fee and a fixed transaction fee when you make a sale. Plus, you don't pay any set-up or cancellation fees.

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Get paid quickly.

Once a transaction is approved, the money quickly arrives in your PayPal account. From there, transfer it to your bank account or spend it wherever PayPal is accepted.

Email receipts to your customers.

Send your customers email receipts quickly to help provide proof of their secure transactions.

More ways to take orders

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