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PayPal lets you accept payments in ways that help drive loyalty and let you grow with the market.

Your customers can pay how they want, online and in person.

And you can accept additional payment types that are only available with PayPal.

Connect with buyers globally

With PayPal, you can do business in over 130 currencies and even offer local payment options for many regions.


A single solution lets customers use a variety of payment methods on your site, on mobile, or in your app.
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Recurring payments and subscriptions

Tap into new revenue and give repeat customers a way to skip the checkout by offering subscription or recurring payment options.
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Invoices and estimates

Get paid faster when you send free professional, customizable invoices that make it easy for customers to pay. Or create estimates to bid for a job.
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Sell on Social

Create a listing for an item that you can easily share and track across different social media platforms. You can include photos, a description, and even a payment link.
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QR codes

Download and print your business's PayPal QR code to accept touch-free payments. Customers scan your QR code with their smartphone and pay with the PayPal app.
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