Business debit card

A debit card with 0.5% cash back rewards? Absolutely.

This is one extraordinary debit card. It lets you use your PayPal balance to pay in stores and online—all while earning unlimited 0.5% cash back on eligible purchases.1

Not your average debit card. Bring on the business benefits.

Simple to get started and use

There’s no credit check, hidden fees, or annual fee. Manage your card—including freeze or unfreeze it—in the PayPal app.

Spend from your PayPal account

Use your PayPal balance wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Cash back—with a debit card!

Earn unlimited 0.5% cash back on eligible purchases,1 paid to you weekly. No minimum spend.

Maximise business savings and rewards. Stay on budget. Pay in person with your PayPal balance where Mastercard is accepted. Withdraw cash from ATMs.2 Earn cash back on eligible purchases. Get rewarded for your everyday business spending.

Features that help make your day-to-day business easier

Shop everywhere Mastercard is accepted

It's PayPal in your pocket. Use your PayPal Business Debit Card everwhere Mastercard is accepted - pay in store, online, and in apps.

Withdraw cash from your PayPal balance

Take out cash from your PayPal balance at ATMs2 and with purchases at participating retailers around the world.

Set it and forget it

Use your PayPal business debit card for automatic or recurring payments, while earning cash back on eligible purchases.1

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