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A guide to financial empowerment.

  • At PayPal, we want to make it as easy and affordable as possible for everyone to buy the things they want and need.

  • But we also know that giving you simple, secure ways to spend is only part of our job. We want to help you do so responsibly too.

  • From balancing your budget and boosting your credit score, to making you sure you buy wisely in the sales, check out our quick-read guides to spending smarter. Financial empowerment awaits.

Helpful hints to spend smarter.

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Let’s talk about
financial planning

The more we plan our money, the more we can do with it. Follow our tips for building a budget and using it wisely.
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7 ways to be an
everyday finance master

Show your money who’s boss with these simple tips that put you in control of your bills and your future too.
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Your credit score
and how to improve it

We all have a credit score. But not so many of us know how to find out what it is, what it means and how to boost it.
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Why do I want it ?

Will it make life better, easier, or more enjoyable? Or is it just an impulse buy?

Do I need it ?

Will you use it regularly or will it just end up at the back of the cupboard ?

Can I afford it ?

Will buying it make it harder to pay my monthly bills or would it make sense to save for a bit longer ?

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