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Check before you check out

There are some things you may need to buy and other things you really want - we get that. To help you manage your money, try asking yourself these questions before you click 'Buy'.

Why do I want it ?

Will it make life better, easier, or more enjoyable? Or is it just an impulse buy?

Do I need it ?

Will you use it regularly or will it just end up at the back of the cupboard?

Can I afford it ?

Will buying it make it harder to pay my monthly bills or would it make sense to save for a bit longer ?

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Spend Smarter Guide

Our guide to financial empowerment.

At PayPal, we want to make purchasing easy and manageable for everyone while helping to enable simple and secure transactions.

Explore our quick guides on budgeting, improving credit scores, and making smart sale purchases for financial empowerment.

These articles include tips, suggestions and general information. We recommend that you always do your own research and consider getting independent tax, financial and legal advice before making any important decision.