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1 PayPal Internal Data. June 2019. Methodology: Benchmarked against MasterCard auth data set for the month of June 2019. There is no de-duplication for any of the numbers (removing duplicates will give us higher auth rates in the range of 95%+)

Mitigate risk with advanced payments security tools

Help protect your bottom line with features that put the future of safe digital commerce in your hands today.

Confidently assess and identify high-risk events with the PayPal network

Harness the power of billions of annual transactions on our network to help you spot risks before they happen so you can provide a safer experience for you and your customers.

Built on a foundation of operating at scale in over 200 markets, our network is comprised of over 400 million active users and more than 30 million merchants.


Manage risk and maintain compliance

Navigate new fraud threats and security challenges around the globe and quickly pivot your approach to protecting your business.

A chart plotting three trend lines representing how a business might track performance

Tap into our proprietary mix of data, models, and tools

Our fast-learning, predictive risk algorithms ingest trillions of data points from our network to help identify patterns and help mitigate risk.

Process securely and successfully

Dynamic routing, retries, and granular data analysis ensure that legitimate transactions are approved at a higher rate and more often on the first try.1

Test and deploy rules in real time

Adapt to evolving fraud patterns without causing friction at checkout or increasing the risk of false declines.

Navigate complex regulatory environments

Utilize our data security experts adept at helping businesses apply successful compliance and security strategies.

Securely store and share your payments data

A secure vault and data sharing tools offer a sophisticated and streamlined way to build and maintain your payments system.

Build business protection that helps meet your unique requirements

Easily and securely connect your payment infrastructure to third-party and security-services partners.

Lean on our powerful set of customizable solutions that use machine learning, automated decisioning, and decades of data-driven insights to help prevent fraud and reduce risk.

Looking for an out-of-the-box commerce solution?See PayPal for Small-to-Medium Businesses         

Partnering with the right company matters. At the end of the day, working with people you like, who care about your business is essential. We can never lose sight of the fact that ultimately, we all work for the customer. PayPal understands that.

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