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1 Ipsos MORI Conjoint Research, commissioned by PayPal. July, 2018 (US respondents). Online survey conducted across seven markets (UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, US, Australia, Brazil) with 1,500 respondents per market/10,500 total respondents (boost in Brazil to ensure 500 PayPal users), including 6,930 PayPal users. Respondents were online shoppers who have made a purchase in the last month.

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Join over 30 million merchants who use PayPal

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Accept Payments online - PayPal Checkout

You could improve users experience by giving your customers a large choice of payment methods and letting them pay without leaving your website. PayPal Checkout allows your customers to pay by PayPal, credit and debit cards and other payment methods relevant locally. All in a single integration on your website. Start integrating now.

How do I add PayPal checkout to my site?

There are two options for integrating PayPal checkout with your site:

Work with a developer: Share our five steps with a developer to get the code and API credentials to set up your payments and add code to your site.

Work with one of our ecommerce platform partners that already has PayPal integrated into their platform.

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QR Codes

QR Codes let your customers pay—quickly and touch-free—by scanning a code using the latest PayPal app.

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Sell on social with PayPal.Me

Create a PayPal.Me link here and share it by text, email, chat or social media and you could get your customers to pay with a few quick clicks. Create a link with your business name to build recognition and trust.1

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