Accept local and International payments with your PayPal account.

One PayPal Business account is all you need to get paid locally and globally across 200 countries in 26 different currencies.

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All your customers could get a cashback voucher of upto INR 200 fully funded by PayPal.

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Want to grow your business? Here are a few reasons on why PayPal is ideal for you.

Faster onboarding

Get your business off the ground and ready to sell in just 1 – 2 days.

Simpler KYC

Streamlined KYC procedures for selling locally and internationally.

Easier integration

Adding PayPal to your website is easy and technical assistance is just a click away.

Straightforward pricing.

We charge a transaction fee based on your total sales volume. See how much you'll save.

Straightforward Straightforward

Start selling in minutes.

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