We can protect your transactions

Unauthorised transaction

A buyer requests a refund of an item or service, after claiming they didn’t authorise the payment. If the sale is eligible, our Seller Protection will reimburse you for the full amount.

Item not received

A buyer pays for an item or service, claims he or she didn’t receive it, then files a request for a refund. PayPal Seller Protection covers you for the full amount of the payment on eligible sales.

More protection to grow your business

Minimise fraud

We’ve added a safety net to protect you against unauthorised payments, reversals due to suspicion of fraud, and item not received claims.

Sell around the globe

Seller Protection can cover your international sales. We process and convert 25 currencies from in over 200 markets, making selling more secure.

Grow your business

You can focus on making your business thrive, knowing that all eligible sales are automatically protected.

How Seller Protection works

1. If a buyer files a claim or in case of a chargeback or a payment reversal, we may place a temporary hold on the funds.

2. We’ll ask you to provide information including proof of shipping or delivery within the time frame communicated (usually 7- 10 days).

3. You’ll be able to access your money as soon as we’ve determined that your transaction is eligible.

What can be covered by Seller Protection?

  • Physical goods (clothes, toys, electronics, car parts, etc.)
  • NEW. Services (yoga classes, website design, etc.)
  • NEW. Tickets (concerts, shows, sport events, etc.)
  • NEW. Travel (trip, flight or hotel bookings, etc.)

What isn’t covered by Seller Protection?

  • Items that are delivered or picked up in person
  • Digital goods (music, computer game downloads and licenses for digital content)
  • Claims or chargebacks arising from items being significantly different to how you described them
  • Payments not made through PayPal.
  • See the User Agreement for full terms

Checklist: are you eligible for Seller Protection?

Check shipping details

Make sure you ship the item to the address on the Transaction Details page and keep the proof of delivery or shipping.

Keep important documentation

For ticketing, travel and services disputes, we may ask you to provide proof of delivery or evidence that the service has been used.

Respond promptly

If we request certain documentation or information, you’ll need to respond within the requested timeframe (usually 7- 10 days).

Make sure it is eligible

The payment must be marked ‘eligible’ or ‘partially eligible’ on the Transactions Details Page.

Sell more with peace of mind

For more information on Seller Protection, see our User Agreement.

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