For Enterprise

Capture the full potential of commerce

PayPal can help businesses find active buyers, increase conversion across channels, and scale into new markets.


Looking for an out-of-the-box commerce solution?

See PayPal for Small to Medium Businesses

Leverage payments innovation as a catalyst for growth

Stay agile, ahead of trends, and help protect against economic uncertainty with modular solutions that are easy to operationalise.

Streamline revenue with proprietary intelligence

With one of the world’s largest data sets, we could help you understand customer behaviours, detect fraud, and capture more revenue across channels, devices, and markets.

Connect into a robust network

PayPal is a single point of entry for payments expertise, tools, technology, and data that could help you compete and be competitive in almost any market.

The payments platform of choice for some of the world's leading brands

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PayPal is well-known by businesses and consumers internationally

360+ million active customer*
200+ markets globally*

20+ years experience*
27+ million merchants*

Contact our sales team

Connect with one of our 500+ customer success managers covering 17 languages for help with integration, ongoing operations, or new opportunitiesalt

Explore developer documentation

Explore developer documentation and resources designed to help you learn, test, and integrate.alt

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* PayPal quarterly earnings report, November 2, 2020.

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