Buyer & Seller Protection.

PayPal helps protect buyers and sellers by providing services like Buyer Protection and Seller Protection.

What it means.

Buyer Protection

If your eligible purchase doesn’t arrive, or doesn’t match the seller’s description, we can reimburse you.*

Fraud protection

We monitor every transaction 24/7 to prevent fraud, email phishing and identity theft.

Data encryption

Every transaction is protected using our advanced encryption technology.

Rocked up broken?

Don't let a dodgy delivery stop you…

How does it work?


It's times like these that we can help out:

  • You bought a book but got a DVD.
  • You bought a new item but got something used.
  • You purchased 3 items but only got 2.
  • Your purchase was damaged in transit.
  • Your delivery was missing major parts (that the seller didn't disclose).
  • You bought an authentic brand but got a knock-off instead.


If this happens you won't be covered:

  • The seller accurately described an item, but you weren't happy with it.
  • You fail to open the dispute within 180 days of purchase.
  • Your account is not in good standing.

Items not covered

These are examples of purchases PayPal Buyer Protection doesn't cover:

  • Property.
  • Motorised vehicles (of any kind).
  • Customer-made items.
  • Industrial machinery (for manufacturing).
  • Prepaid cards.
  • Items that violate our policies.
  • Anything you buy in person.
  • Money transfers to friends or family.

Account protection

You're not liable for unauthorised purchases made from your account.*


If an order doesn't arrive or match the description, we can refund the full cost of eligible purchases and paid delivery costs (where applicable).*

Responsive support

We're here to help. Get support with suspicious activity, identity theft or phishing. Report your suspicions to us directly.

Only you know your login details

Your memory protects your login information and lets you pay without entering your financial details for each transaction. If you forget your login, you can use your privacy questions to get you back into your account. But if you forget these, contact us and we'll give you a hand.

We never close

We monitor every transaction 24/7 to prevent fraud, email phishing and identity theft. Every transaction is heavily guarded behind our advanced encryption. If something seems fishy, our dedicated team of security specialists will identify suspicious activity and help protect you from fraudulent transactions. Remember, we will never ask for any sensitive information.

World-class security

Buy or sell across borders in your currency. We can process 25 currencies from 202 countries and markets and convert them for your convenience.

* See our User Agreement for full terms and conditions.