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Looking for PayPal Business Solutions? Whether you are local or global, we are here to support you.

PayPal for business

The world is your shopping mall

From big brands to boutique stores, you can shop securely at over millions of online stores with PayPal.

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Returning a purchase? Get shipping costs refunded.

When you return a purchase you paid for using PayPal, you may be able to get your return shipping costs* refunded.

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Pay with your preferred card

Link all your cards and choose which one to use at checkout. Shopping online has never been this easy. You can also keep earning rewards from your favourite cards^.

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Shop online with confidence

Shop online with confidence – with 24/7 fraud monitoring, PayPal Buyer Protection# on eligible purchases, and refund on return shipping costs* on us. Terms and conditions apply.

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Shop from brands you love

Join the global community of PayPal users who are sending, spending and receiving money securely every day.

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#For eligible purchases within 180 days of payment. Terms and conditions apply.
^Reward scheme terms may differ when using PayPal. Please refer to your card issuer.
*Activation is required. Up to 3 refunds to the value of $20 USD per transaction until 31 December 2022. Terms and conditions apply.