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With PayPal.Me, receiving online payments now is easier than ever. Share your PayPal.Me link by cell phone, email, chat or social networks, and get paid in an instant.

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How does PayPal.Me work?

1. Personalize 2. Share 3. Payment 4. Receive notification
  • Choose a username to create your PayPal.Me link.

  • Share your link with your client to request payment.

  • Your client will click on the link, log into PayPal, and complete the payment.

  • The payment will be registered in your PayPal account.

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¿Why use PayPal.Me?

Take advantage of every business opportunity

Complete sales in real time, even during online conversations with your clients.

Customize your link

Create your own PayPal.Me link using the name of your business, so your customers can easily recognize it.

Faster Payments

You no longer need to sign in to submit an online payment requests on a monthly basis. You just have to share your link and add the sale amount.

Bank Data Protection

With PayPal.Me you don't need to share your bank information. Your link will be the destination of all your online payments.

Easier online payments for your customers

Send your customers your PayPal.Me link by mobile, email, chat, or social network, and receive your payments in a matter of seconds. They will only have to click the link, go to your PayPal.Me page, enter the amount and pay online... That's it!

For independent workers

Do you need your customers to pay online before you start working? Share your PayPal.Me link so you can get paid right away.

For sellers on social networks

Do you manage your business through social networks like Facebook? With your PayPal.Me link, your customers will be able to pay you online in real time.

For suppliers

Do you need to secure the payment of bulk orders with new customers? Generate confidence and offer payment convenience with PayPal.Me.

For tour companies

Would you like your business to be at its maximum capacity? Share your PayPal.Me link and generate reservations instantly.

Create your personalized PayPal.Me link before someone else does!

Create a PayPal.Me link
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