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Let’s work together to drive results

We’re here to help your business grow, compete, and thrive in today’s digital commerce landscape.

Drive revenue

Create seamless customer experiences that can help grow your business online and in person—with a single vault that scales and flexes across channels.

Improve operational efficiency

Reduce operating costs and stay agile with modular, interoperable, and easy-to-integrate software and hardware.

Manage risk online and in person

Fight fraud with omnichannel, data-driven risk solutions available through one integration.

Join leading businesses that use our unified payment solutions

Simplify your payments infrastructure with omnichannel capabilities

One platform and one integration

Get a customizable payments solution with capabilities that flex with your business priorities. Connect your tech stack to a preferred loyalty provider and integrate with modern APIs and SDKs.

Easy and secure vaulting

Capture, store, and tokenize consumer payment data across channels with one secure vault. Our single system makes it easy to orchestrate with external partners.​

Diverse hardware options

From mobile card readers to large-screen displays, enjoy frictionless checkout and seamless software updates across your entire POS setup.

Actionable insights and analytics

Boost loyalty and improve targeted offers with a cross-channel, comprehensive view of customer shopping behavior and business data—all through a single dashboard.

Modern terminals that work with your POS solution

Explore cutting-edge hardware and software options that sync seamlessly with PayPal Braintree’s online processing capabilities.

Integrate with our flexible and powerful developer tools

  • Integrate with our Client SDK for Android, iOS, and JavaScript, and Server SDK for Java, .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby. Available for mobile and web.

  • GraphQL, our next-generation API, offers an efficient, flexible integration with the freedom to use any programming language you want without having to update an SDK. Available for web and in-person payments.

Optimize in-person experiences for you and your customers

PayPal + Authentic Brands Group

How one omnichannel platform streamlined operations for Authentic

“PayPal Braintree provides a unified view of our customer interactions—in-person, online, and mobile. With an omnichannel solution to power in-store processing and customer experiences, we’ve unlocked new use cases and identified new revenue growth opportunities, all while improving authorization rates and scalability.”

— Adam Kronengold, Chief Digital Officer, Authentic Brands Group

Industry-leading, full-stack, omnichannel features


Payment methods Checkout experiences Integrations Hardware
Accept payments in the US
In store, online, mobile GraphQL API Fixed-lane reader
Acquiring in the US Mobile reader
Credit and debit cards
Alternative payment methods

Process and optimize

Optimized processing Vaulting and orchestration Risk Security
Omnichannel processing
Extensible, PCI-compliant vault
Fraud tools
P2PE-certified solution
Account Updater Data sharing with third parties
Advanced fraud tools
Network Tokenization Dispute automation
Offline processing (store and forward)

Loyalty and rewards

Omnichannel customer recognition
Custom prompts
Gift cards and private-label cards

Settle and payout

Reporting and reconciliation
Next-day funding1

Grow and manage

Manage Grow Third-party integrations Support
Dispute management Interchange pricing Partner integrations White-glove support
Fleet management Recurring billing Enterprise plugins Global support center
24/7 monitoring

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