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Tap into our proprietary mix of data, models, and tools to help prevent, manage, and respond to risk


A sophisticated and streamlined way to build and maintain your payments system


Find new buyers, unlock channels, expand into new markets, and deliver an exceptional checkout experience on any device

Help increase conversion rates and lifetime customer value

Engage your customers with quick, mobile-first commerce experiences.

Gain access to new customers and markets

Tap into fresh pools of high-value customers as you expand into new territories.

Adapt to changing market conditions

Stay ahead of trends, regulatory changes, and industry innovations.

Improve operational efficiency

Lean on our fraud detection technology to help cut costs and limit your risk.

57% have abandoned a transaction because PayPal wasn’t there1
3.8X Customers were 3.8 times more likely to convert on a site where PayPal was visible2
8% Increase in repeat online purchases from the same merchant with PayPal3

Enterprise businesses need strategic partners that offer the right mix of expertise, technology, tools, and data to weather uncertainty and achieve their growth potential.

1Ipsos MORI Conjoint Research, commissioned by PayPal, July, 2018 (UK respondents). Online survey conducted across seven markets (UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, US, Australia, Brazil) with 1,500 respondents per market/10,500 total respondents (boost in Brazil to ensure 500 PayPal users), including 6,930 PayPal users. Respondents were online shoppers who have made a purchase in the last month, 2018.

2Nielsen Study, Commissioned by PayPal,Nielsen Media Behavioural Panel of desktop transactions from 13,013 UK consumers who are PayPal users, from October 2019 to September 2020​​​ to understand and measure the impact that PayPal has for 315 UK-based LE merchants across different verticals.

3Nielsen Study, Commissioned by PayPal, Nielsen Media Behavioural Panel of desktop transactions from 27,898 UK consumers from October 2019 to September 2020​ to understand and measure the impact that PayPal has for 315 UK-based LE merchants across different verticals.

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