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Request a payment in exchange for goods and services from anyone with an email address, and get paid quickly.

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Enter an email address and an amount.


Add a note that personalises and explains the request.


See the funds go quickly in your account when it gets paid.

Getting paid is easy.

Whether it’s for a job you did, an item you sold or a service you provided, by requesting a payment with PayPal you can get paid faster and more safely in just a few easy clicks.

You can ask anyone.

Anyone with an email address can receive a payment request. Then they can pay you with a credit card or PayPal balance.

No cash, no cheques.

Anybody can pay you from their cards or PayPal balance. Your request is simply emailed and paid just as simply.

“You can request payments and find out you have been paid in a blink of an eye, whether at home or out and about.”

You don’t pay until they do.

If you're selling goods or services, there's a small fee you pay only when you get paid. Currency conversion fees may apply.

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Your safety is our priority.

When you're requesting payments with PayPal, your transactions are monitored 24/7 by our security specialists, who identify suspicious activity and help protect you.

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billion billion transactions processed globally by PayPal in 2015

No hidden costs, no surprises.

When you receive payments with PayPal there are no hidden costs or processing fees. Currency conversion fees may apply. In addition, your card issuer may charge you separately.

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No need to wait.

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