Simplified Overview on Interchange Fees


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Simplified Overview on Interchange Fees

Last Update: 31 March, 2016


This page provides a high-level non-exhaustive overview on Interchange Fees.  Interchange Fees are not controlled by PayPal and may vary from time to time according to decisions made by third parties such as Visa and MasterCard. Therefore this information is provided without any warranties, representations and guarantees. For more detailed and accurate and current information, please check Visa’s and MasterCard’s websites.



Percentage-based Interchange Fees (such as 0.20%) refer to an amount equal to that percentage of the payment amount.


How do Interchange Fees vary?

Interchange fees can vary depending on the attributes of the card used to make the relevant payment (including without limitation category, brand and country of issuance). Interchange Fees can be composed of a percentage of the payment amount (as displayed above) and/or a fixed amount. Sometimes Interchange Fees are capped at a certain amount.

MasterCard and Visa may change single Interchange Fees from time to time or introduce new cards with new Interchange Fees. PayPal will always charge you the Interchange Fee as set by Visa and MasterCard and as passed on by its Acquirer.