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From field trips, fundraisers, meal plans, parking passes and everything in between, PayPal can help consolidate how parents and students make payments to your school.

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Skip the hassle of managing checks and cash payments by switching to a PayPal account.


Provide comprehensive online experience for parents and students alike.


With our customizable products, you can collect payments, fees and donations, export payment statements, easily set up online stores, and provide a comprehensive online experience for parents and students alike.

We have the right products to suit the needs of every parent for the benefit of students.

PayPal Business Account

With one simple account, you can manage and accept most all major forms of payment.

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PayPal Invoicing

Get your money faster when you create and send detailed invoices easily using our customizable templates.

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Start accepting donations with our Donate button in minutes. It works just like our checkout button and makes it easy and fast to accept money online from nearly anyone around the globe.

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"Chegg works with PayPal in a variety of different ways. We pay our tutors with PayPal. When a student comes to sell a book back to us, we can pay them with PayPal. Students can pay for every service that we have through PayPal."

- Mitch Spolan
EVP, Marketing Services at Chegg

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