Create and verify your charity's PayPal account to enrol in PayPal Giving Fund

Enrol to receive grants into your charity’s PayPal account quickly and securely

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How to enrol

Once you enrol, we’ll use this account to pay you the funds we receive for your charity. The fastest way to receive future grants from PayPal Giving Fund is with a PayPal business account. Once you’ve signed up and verified your account, we’ll deposit future grants into it once a month. You will also be able to track all donations made to your charity through PayPal Giving Fund and see donor details (where the donor has agreed to share their details with you).


Create a PayPal Business account for your charity

a) You can create a PayPal Business account for your charity here.

b) When creating the account for your charity, be sure to select “Charitable and Social Service Organisations” in
response to the question “What type of services do you sell?”  


Verify your charity’s PayPal Business account

Login to your PayPal account and navigate to the Resolution Centre to resolve any account limitations. You’ll see details about why your account has been limited and the information PayPal needs from you to resolve it.

In most cases, PayPal will need the following:  

a) Your name, date of birth and address. You will also need to provide documentation to verify these details, here are examples of the types of documents PayPal will accept.  

b) Information about your charity, such as legal entity documents and information about related parties.

c) The names, dates of birth and addresses of the beneficial owners of your charity.* 

d) If your charity operates a separate item 1 Deductible Gift Recipient Fund, authority or institution, PayPal
Giving Fund will email you and ask you to confirm that your PayPal account is used for your Deductible Gift Recipient purposes before enrolling your charity’s account into the PayPal Giving Fund program.  



You are now enrolled

a) You'll receive an email from us confirming your charity's account has been enrolled.   

b) We’ll use your verified  PayPal Business Account to pay you the funds we receive for your charity. We generally
distribute funds once a month by depositing a single payment into your charity’s PayPal account at the end of the month.  

c) Now that you are enrolled, you will have access to your PayPal Giving Fund dashboard. You can access the dashboard by logging in using your PayPal accounts details here

Need help enrolling?

If you are having difficulty enrolling or aren't sure whether your charity is enrolled, you can contact us or call us on 02 8223 9500. If your account is limited, here are some helpful resources to help you resolve the limitation.

The benefits of enrolling with PayPal Giving Fund

Fundraise from millions of donors

Receive funds from PayPal Giving Fund raised through PayPal,Facebook and GoFundMe

Pay no fees to PayPal Giving Fund

Enrolling with PayPal Giving Fund has no sign up or monthly costs. In some cases our partners may choose to charge fees on donations made through their platforms, which they will disclose on their websites.

Receive donor and donation data

Build your donor database through our powerful reporting tool.