Flexible payment solutions for B2B.

Receiving payments is faster and easier than traditional wire transfers, especially for business-business sellers. With PayPal, there are different payment solutions to suit your needs.

Bill your clients via online invoices

All you need to get paid is your customer's email address. Send professional-looking invoices with PayPal’s easy-to-use templates to your customers through email and get paid.

More about getting paid through email invoices

Turn your website into a B2B sales channel

Turn your website into a sales channel by enabling online payments and orders.

More about getting paid on a website

Get paid with the click of a link

Share your link with customers over email, instant messenger, through social media or anywhere else, as a quicker and easier way to get paid.

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Reach more customers through our partners.

Our partners create innovative platforms for merchants that trust PayPal to process their payments.


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