What happens if a donation can't be delivered to a charity?

In the rare case when a donation cannot be granted according to a donor's recommendation, we will reassign the donation to another charitable organization. 

While we take multiple steps to attempt to grant the donated funds according to the donor's identified preference, PayPal Giving Fund is the receiving charity of record and retains exclusive control over all donations. The listing of a charity in the directories of PayPal Giving Fund or its partners is not a guarantee that the charity will ultimately receive funds from PayPal Giving Fund. 

Upon receiving a donation, PayPal Giving Fund will attempt to make a grant to the charity the donor intended to benefit. Pending distribution of grants, PayPal Giving Fund holds all donations in a secure, non-interest-bearing bank account. 

In the event we are unable to distribute the funds successfully (e.g., the charity does not enroll with PayPal Giving Fund and fails to cash the check(s) we send), or if the charity no longer complies with our Nonprofit Certification Policy, we reserve the right to reassign the donation to another charitable organization. Where possible, PayPal Giving Fund will contact the original donor to ask for a new charity recommendation to benefit from their donation.

We ensure all charities have met the eligibility requirements in our Nonprofit Certification Policy before including them in our programs. You can learn more about how we grant funds to enrolled and unenrolled charities by reviewing our Donation Delivery Policy.

If you would like to contact us and don’t have a PayPal account, please click here and fill out the form so we can help you resolve your PayPal Giving Fund issues.