How do I make a formal complaint to PayPal Giving Fund?

Any member of the public in the UK or abroad can make a complaint, if you think we’ve fallen short of reasonable expectations because of our standards of service, actions or lack of action.

Your complaint must be about something that we’re directly responsible for. You need to make your complaint in writing through our online form. Please state clearly in the first line of your message that it’s a complaint. We will do our best to issue a response to address your complaint within seven working days.

If you’re not satisfied with our response, you can ask for a further review. This can take another seven working days from the day of escalation. If you’re still unhappy with our approach, you can write to the CEO of PayPal Giving Fund, for a final response. Please use the contact us options below and state clearly in the first line of your message that it is an "escalated complaint for the attention of the CEO".

If you don’t have a PayPal account but have a question or concern about PayPal Giving Fund, please contact us using this form.