How do I install my PayPal API Signature or Certificate credentials?

Installing your API Credentials

Once you have requested your API Signature or API Certificate credentials, you will need to install them in your application or shopping cart, or insert them into your custom code.

API Signature

Apply your API Signature to your integration.

  • For preconfigured shopping carts: Copy and paste the API Username, API Password, and Signature into your shopping cart’s configuration or administration screen.
  • For custom shopping carts: Store the API credentials in a secure location with limited access.
API Certificate

Install your API Certificate in your server.
  • If you are using PayPal SDKs, you might need to encrypt the certificate before installing it. See detailed instructions.
  • If you are using third-party shopping cart software, you may need to get in touch with your cart provider for advice on how to install the new certificate.
  • If you have a custom integration, you will need to place the new certificate on your server. You may need to confirm with your developer or system administrator where the certificate needs to be placed.
Testing your API credentials

Most of your testing should be done in PayPal’s Sandbox environment, although final testing can be performed in PayPal’s Live environment using your Live credentials.

More information on creating a Sandbox test account.