How can I restore my account access?

The steps you're asked to complete to restore your account access are unique to your issue. Often they will involve simply providing information to verify your identity, financial information or the merchandise you’re selling.

To see what we need to restore your account access:

  1. Go to Resolution Centre.
  2. Click Respond on the case row.
  3. On the case details page, click Respond.
  4. Choose I'd like to submit the requested info.
  5. 'Drag and drop' or 'Browse' for the files you wish to add.
  6. Enter a description if needed and click Submit.

Note: PayPal aims to review the information you provide within 48 hours so please make sure you get the information to us as soon as you can. Once we have completed the review we will send you an email with an update. We review information submitted for cases in the order it's received.