Are there any tips for people new to selling?

To learn more about selling with PayPal please have a read of the common questions below.

How do I get paid?
When someone sends money or pays you, PayPal uses your email address to direct the money to your PayPal balance. How quickly you receive it depends on the payment. Most payments are instant, but some can take a few days. To get the money in your hand, you can withdraw it to your bank.

What are Payment Holds?
We sometimes hold payments to newer sellers for 21 days for the security of both the sender and receiver. Once everyone is happy with the transaction, we make the funds available.

To graduate from a ‘new seller’ status and avoid your payments being held, confirm your identity and complete sales successfully, avoiding disputes, to build up a good selling history.

What should I know about eBay seller fees?
There are some costs to sell on eBay, like the ‘insertion fee’ to place a listing and the ‘final value fee’ once the item has sold. Find out more about eBay seller fees.

How do fees work?
It’s free to buy something unless you’re converting currency. It’s free to send or receive money between family or friends unless you use a credit card or international transfer, when we have to charge a small fee. Find out more about Fees.