Organize recurring payments with ease

Use PayPal Automatic Payments to pay and manage all your recurring bills, monthly subscriptions and even instalment plans, all in one place.

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Benefits of using Automatic Payments

Manage payments with ease

Still earn card reward points

Enjoy the security of PayPal

How to set up Automatic Payments

To start, go to the merchant's site and choose PayPal as your preferred payment method after logging in to your account. After that, follow the steps below to manage your subscriptions with PayPal.


Log in to your account, click on Settings at the top right-hand corner.


Select Payments then Manage pre-approved payments to see subscriptions.


Pick any of your subcriptions to see more details and make any changes required.

Manage all your digital subscriptions in one place

Here are some of the supported merchant subscriptions you can manage with Automatic Payments

Manage recurring payments with ease

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