Returns made easier with PayPal.

Changed your mind about a purchase? Just activate Refunded Returns for free and we'll give you a refund of up to US$20 on your return shipping costs*.

Already a PayPal customer? Activate Refunded Returns now

How Refunded Returns works


Return your item
Follow the seller's instructions to return your item and remember to keep a copy of your return shipping receipt.


Submit a Refund Request
Log in, activate Refunded Returns, select the item you returned and submit your return shipping request form.


Receive your refund
Once your request is approved, you'll see a refund of up to US$20 in your PayPal balance within 10 business days.

What items are covered?

As long as your refund request is in line with the seller's return policy, Refunded Returns covers almost everything except:

  • Intangible goods like music or vouchers. If you can't ship it, we can't refund it.
  • Items not included in the seller's return policy (e.g. swimwear).
  • Items that are only partially paid.
  • Items with return periods that are expired.
  • Items with shipping costs already paid for by the seller.

See the full Terms & Conditions here

Get your refund.

Once you've submitted a request, we'll review the details. If it is accepted, you'll receive your refund* in your PayPal account, usually within 10 business days of submission.