Get paid the easy way with email invoicing.

Create and send professional email invoices using our free, customizable templates.

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Accept local and international payments.

PayPal is accepted in over 200 countries and markets and our invoice templates are available in over 15 languages, giving you the choice to sell almost anywhere.

Four reasons to invoice with PayPal.

Choice of payment method

Straightforward, protected transactions

Free invoice templates

Easy tracking and management

How it works for your customers.


You create an invoice and send it to your customer.


Your customer receives the email invoice and clicks on the PayPal checkout button.


By clicking, they’re sent to the PayPal website where they can review and print the invoice details.


They choose to pay the full amount, complete the transaction and receive confirmation of payment.


How to start sending invoices with PayPal.

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Sign up for a PayPal business account.

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Select and customize an invoice template via your PayPal account.

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Email the invoice to your customers.

Get paid by invoice today.

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