What information will you need about my crowdfunding campaign in Malaysia?

In some circumstances, you or your organization (as campaign owners) may need to submit additional information so we can verify your campaign. Some examples of this may include:
  • Proof of identity (Photo identification such as a copy of government issued national identification card, passport or driver’s license
  • Residential Address
  • Business or trading address
  • Website address associated with your campaign
  • Proof of business (Such as business registration documents or certificate, charity registration or fundraising license issued by a relevant government body or subordination letter (if fundraising on behalf of a registered charity) or proof of tax exempt status if you’re a non-profit organisation)  
  • Your business plan and mission statement
  • Names of your business owners and executives
  • Marketing strategy
  • Vendor, supplier, manufacturer, or distributor information
  • Target production and distribution timeline
Campaign owners may be asked to provide supporting documentation to confirm their identity and/or business or to confirm how the money raised from the campaign will be used.
Once we've validated this information, internal reviews would be conducted to assess your campaign’s alignment with our brand, financial, compliance and legal guidelines. Cases which violate these guidelines might not be supported on our platform. Reach out to our sales representatives to understand more.