Problems accessing funds

There are three circumstances in which some (or all) of your funds may not be available to you

1 Your account has been limited.

2 We’ve placed a hold on funds for a specified amount of time.

3 We’ve placed a reserve on your account.

The three circumstances above are set forth on PayPal’s User Agreement.

Account limitations

Account limitations prevent you from completing certain actions with your account, such as withdrawing, sending, or receiving payments. These limitations may be implemented when we see activity that seems unusual or suspicious. This is intended to help protect our customers – both buyers and sellers. Limitations also help us collect information we need to keep your account open.

Account reserves

Account reserves are funds held in your account and used when we're unable to collect on your past due balances from chargebacks, claims, and fees. We use 2 types of reserves: rolling reserves and minimum reserves.