Yay to faster access to your PayPal funds

Get ready for faster, more convenient ways to use your PayPal balance. Transfer your PayPal balance to EON by UnionBank to earn a PHP 200 rebate*. With your EON Account, you can buy load, pay utilities or get cash from over 12,000 BancNet locations in the Philippines.

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*Click here for Rebate Terms and Conditions

Make EON your preferred withdrawal option. Here’s why.

Instant Bank Account

Don’t have a bank account or it’s too far to travel to one? With EON, you can easily apply for a new account online. Download the app, follow the instructions to set up a new bank account and you’re all set.

Speedy access to your balances

Simply link your PayPal account to your EON Visa card and you can transfer up to PHP 100,000/month from PayPal to EON. Every withdrawal is processed in near-to real time.

Your funds, Your choice

You can encash your PayPal funds, transfer it to your friends or family, pay bills, buy load or simply shop in online and retail stores with your EON Visa Card.

Here’s how to get started

Step 1: Download the EON App

  • Step 2: Complete the sign up process
  • Step 3: Buy an EON Visa Card from online shops and convenience stores
  • Step 4: Log into your PayPal Account, Add your EON Visa Card details and
  • Step 5: You can start transferring your available PayPal balances once you’ve collected payments for freelancing services or online sales
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Terms and conditions for the PHP 200 Rebate*

  1. The PHP 200 Rebate will be referred to as “Rebate”.
  2. The promotion period to earn the rebate is from May 1 to September 30, 2019.
  3. The rebate will be given to customers who sign up for their first EON account and make a qualifying transfer of a minimum PHP 3000 from PayPal to their EON Bank Account within the promotion period.
  4. Each customer will be entitled to receive the rebate once regardless of the number of EON accounts owned by the same individual.
  5. New EON accounts opened by existing EON customers (those who already have EON accounts before May 1, 2019) will not be entitled to receive the rebate even with a qualifying withdrawal transaction.
  6. Customers who’ve qualified for the rebate will be notified via email.
  7. The PHP 200 rebate will be automatically credited to the EON account within 3-5 days from the date of the first successful withdrawal transaction of PHP 3,000 from PayPal to EON account.
  8. The rebate will only be credited to the EON account which received the PayPal withdrawal.
  9. EON’s decision with regards to the PHP 200 Rebate Mechanics with the concurrence of DTI, is final.
  10. PER DTI-FTEB Permit No. 7479 Series of 2019 granted to EON of UnionBank.

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