All PayPal Recent College Graduates (RCGs) are exposed to the broad business landscape and career development opportunities that span business units, and tools to build and strengthen their networks. While the focus of the program extends to each RCG’s first year, the outcomes and value gained benefit them throughout their careers. The RCG Experience helps recent college graduates learn about PayPal, build their careers, and contribute to a growing community of innovators and future leaders. Each area of focus is comprised of a series of programs to educate and give RCGs the opportunity to apply their learnings to their new roles.

Learning About PayPal

The RCG Experience offers several programs throughout the year for early career employees to network with leaders and learn about PayPal inside and out. These events allow RCGs to gain a great breadth of knowledge and perspective to enrich their understanding of the work they do, and how it contributes to PayPal’s mission:

  • Product Series
  • Tech Talks
  • Business Speaker series

Building Careers

The RCG Experience focuses on early-career development and provides unique workshops and sessions to support RCGs as they begin their professional careers at PayPal. Through special programs, RCGs engage directly with mentors and managers and take action through various development channels.

  • Manager Chats
  • Mentoring Sessions
  • Networking Events

Connecting with Community

There are ample opportunities for RCGs to network with each other and establish friendships. There are regularly scheduled meet-ups with the sole purpose of connecting RCGs to one another. RCGs also have the chance to interact with PayPal colleagues through structured forums such as speed mentoring sessions. In addition, each year we host an RCG Conference to bring all RCGs in North America together to learn, network and have fun.

  • Buddy Program
  • RCG Conference
  • Social Events
  • Volunteer Days

Internal Employees

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