Customers enter payment information on your site (Payflow Pro) or a payment page hosted by PayPal (Payflow Link).


The data is encrypted and sent securely through the payment processing network. It’s reviewed for authorisation and the results are returned through Payflow.


The funds are transferred directly from the customer’s bank account or card to your merchant bank account.

A secure link to your merchant account.

Payflow connects with your existing Westpac Trust internet merchant account (IMA).


  • Host payments on your site or PayPal can host your checkout in an iFrame
  • Create reference transactions to securely store buyer billing information and maximise sales
  • Customise transaction reporting
  • Access merchant technical support

Two solutions to choose from.

Payflow Pro.

Take control of the entire payment experience on your website. You’ll get a fully customisable software development kit designed to help you get started. You’ll need to become PCI compliant as transactions are performed on your own website.


Payflow Link.

Avoid the hassle and cost of data security and PCI compliance by hosting your checkout on PayPal’s secure payment site. You can direct your buyers to our site or host our pages in an iFrame on your website.

Flexible pricing.

With a competitive fixed monthly rate and flat transaction fee, you’ll always know what you owe. Call us on 0508 257 434 and we’ll work with you to tailor our pricing to suit your business needs.

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