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According to Super Monitoring data 1 :

Of the 56% of the world’s population owns a smart phone.

50% use their mobile as their primary internet source.

80% of consumers plan to use their phone for ecommerce within the next 12 months.

72% of tablet owners buy something online from their tablets weekly.

Top mobile purchase barriers.

Consumer expectations around mobile shopping are high, with Google’s Mobile Planet report noting that the top three barriers for mobile purchase include:

  1. Cannot see detailed product/service information
  2. Hard to compare prices and options
  3. Takes too much time to open the web site page.

Taking your business mobile.

This new generation of shoppers is increasingly abandoning the inconvenience of bricks and mortar stores – and mobile savvy businesses will reap the rewards. Going mobile allows you to be where your customers are as well as take payments along all stages of the customer journey. A user-friendly mobile site reduces the number of steps a customer needs to take to search and make a purchase, giving your business a highly competitive edge and driving growth.

Best of all worlds.

Let your customers pay faster, easier and more securely, no matter where they are. Accept payments smoothly through your apps, or on your mobile website.

130 Cross-border online shopping will grow to $307 billion and million consumers by 2018.
PayPal Spice Route Report

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1Source: “The Massive Australian Mobile Explosion Explained”, Business Insider Australia; by Josh Lugerjul, 9, 2013.