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As a pioneer in online payments, PayPal sets the standard for fraud prevention by delivering industry-leading security solutions that keep your business more secure. Our sophisticated technology, well-engineered processes and top notch fraud intelligence remain vigilant 24-7 to safeguard your account and money at no additional cost.

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Discover general and industry-specific fraud prevention tips, to understand how you can help deter fraud.

Delay shipping for international, expensive and/or large orders
Use your own shipping service or suspend the delivery
Track and verify the shipping address with the IP geo-location service from search engines

Keep records of names, email addresses, IP addresses and shipping addresses of customers. Match any suspicious activity against your blacklist to decline or flag blacklisted transactions.
Set limits for the number of purchases and total amount you’ll accept from one account per day, week, or month. You can also limit the sending country to expected and low-risk countries.
Contact the customer by phone or email to verify information if an order appears suspicious.

Digital goods
Find relevant tips if you develop your own software; host online video games or sell digital content such as MP3s, videos or e-books.
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Make the most out of your online flight booking and payment services without taking on the accompanying risks.
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Improve your online room booking and assessment processes to help keep fraud at bay.
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These tips and guides are provided for general information purposes and do not constitute professional or legal advice on matters contained therein. PayPal does not warrant that the advice contained herein is up to date or complete and PayPal does not accept any liability or responsibility for any loss arising from your reliance on the information provided in these tips and guides

Our security advantages.

  • Detecting fraudulent transactions instantly, in real-time
  • Progressive system upgrades that keep us ahead of fraudsters
  • Extensive data encryption for strict confidentiality and security
  • Monitoring of transactions 24/7
  • Dedicated 2000-strong anti-fraud team of specialists globally

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Essentials of fraud-prevention

Eliminate the risks and costs of fraudulent transactions with this comprehensive checklist.

Does the shipping address seem suspicious?

• It is a high-risk location (vacant property, hotel, country, or location highly known for fraud.)
• Multiple orders are being shipped to the same address within a short period of time
• A customer is requesting overnight shipping for an expensive order (i.e. electronics)
• A customer asks you to change the shipping address after the order has been paid for

Does the order seem too good to be true?

• A new customer places a larger than average order
• The same customer (same name, email, phone, or computer) places a large quantity of orders within a short time
• An order consists of multiple requests for the same item (example: 10 Smartphones)
• A customer offers to let you use their shipping service to receive a discount (customer controls where orders are shipped to)
• You get an abnormally large number of international orders within a short time
• You get an abnormally large number of orders during an unusual time of day

Does your customer seem to be behaving a little odd?

• You received recent claims or chargebacks from this customer
• You got overpaid and received a request to wire the difference
• The email address seems suspicious

If you’ve ticked off most of the suspicious or even potentially high-risk observations above, ensure you take precautions to avoid taking any losses. Contact the customer directly, delay shipment or even refund the transaction to stay safe.