Resolving a dispute with your seller.

In the unlikely event that you purchase an item but it never arrives; you did not authorise the purchase, or your order arrives but turns out different, we’ll help you resolve it and get your money back.


If there’s a problem, file a dispute in our Resolution Centre within 180 days.


Provide information about the issue, communicate with the seller to resolve the problem and close the dispute.


If it can’t be resolved, escalate it to a claim and we’ll step in to investigate and gather additional information before reaching a decision.


The money will be refunded to you if the claim is decided in your favour.

Here’s what you can do.

  • Check your item delivery status using the tracking number or contact the seller’s customer service. Sometimes unexpected delays happen due to weather conditions or customs issues
  • Make sure that the suspicious activity you observe isn’t from a family member using your account without your knowledge, or from a recurring payment such as a monthly subscription
  • Provide the details about the issue to help us decide on the best solution to resolve it

Every purchase matters.

Shop with peace of mind with our Buyer Protection policy. We will refund the full amount, if an eligible item doesn’t show up or shows up significantly different than described.

More about Buyer Protection

Frequently asked questions

When can I file a dispute?

You can file a dispute in our Resolution Centre within 180 days of payment if: You don’t receive the item You receive an item but it’s significantly different than the description on eBay or on the seller’s websiteor
If you didn’t authorise the purchase, you can file a dispute in our Resolution Centre within 60 days of payment. By opening a dispute, you can communicate directly with your seller to work out a problem transaction. If you're still not happy with the result, you can escalate the dispute into a claim. We'll review the claim and decide on reimbursement.

How do I escalate a dispute to a claim?

If you can’t resolve your dispute with the seller within 20 days, you can escalate it to a claim. Select the open dispute in the Resolution centre Under dispute details, choose to escalate the dispute We’ll review the case and decide if you’re eligible for a refund.
To check the status of your claim, log in to your account and go to the Resolution Centre.

What is the difference between a dispute and a claim?

A dispute is a request from you to the seller to discuss a problem with a transaction and work together to resolve it. You’ll discuss the problem and potential solutions in our Resolution Centre. Sellers are usually eager to come to an amicable solution that works for both of you.
A dispute becomes a claim when you can’t reach agreement with the seller and one of you escalates it to us to determine an outcome. You must escalate your dispute to a claim within 20 days of filing it. By escalating, you’re choosing not to communicate any further with the seller and agreeing to abide by our decision.

What items are not covered under Buyer Protection?

There are some transactions that we don't cover including but not limited to payments for: real estate businesses vehiclescustom made items and licenses
In addition, items prohibited in our User Agreement are ineligible for coverage.

How long does it take to investigate my claim?

Most claims are investigated within 10-14 days or less. For more complex cases, we can need up to 30 days (or longer) to decide the outcome of a claim.